Diving Services

Marino Diving professionals to offer the technical base, resources and expertise to provide a high quality, safety conscious and cost effective service

MNDS has practical experience in all aspects of marine engineering, whether it is from a boat or on the seabed we cover all aspects of our industry.

We have also partnered up with a number of specialist consultancies for underwater inspection, structural or diving surveys and have no limits to where we travel.

MNDS believes in individual diver tasks that are developed through hostile skill improvement and experience in the water. Dynamic instruction with a strong student/instructor relationship enhancing a transfer of the diving responsibility to the student is our core part.

  • Conducting an Inspection and cleaning of bottom hull plating.
  • Carry out an inspection and cleaning of the ships propeller.
  • Sea chest inspection and isolations.

Hull Thickness Gauging

We have the capability to carry out NDT as part of an inspection, using equipment such as underwater ultrasonic thickness meter, corrosion and interaction surveys. The data obtained from surveys of this type can then be related to current standards and historical information to provide additions to reports like corrosion trends and predictions.

Assistance in salvage operations

From moorings, boats and vessels, Marino diving team have practical experience in search and recovery in a range of challenging environments. We aim to recover our targets in the best possible condition. Following the salvage operation, we can prepare a thorough damage survey to comply with the requirements of the surveyor.

Coral Reef Periodic Survey

Our team of experienced divers is capable for assisting in the Installation of Coral embedded Geotextile bag and conducting Periodic Survey to assess coral reef’s growth percentage, health condition, growth of marine life. A detailed assessment report along with video will also be provided.

Artificial Reef Installation

Our skilled team can provide assistance in the Installation of Artificial Reef along the coast line. Detailed report with video is provided.

Our Other Services are:

  • Hull Condition Inspections
  • Sea Chest Maintenance
  • Bottom surveys inspection
  • All under water inspection work
  • Under water still photography
  • Under water live video feed
  • Full report package services
  • Propeller polishing and conditioning
  • Under water fitting
  • Underwater Survey of vessel under various classes using CCTV, Two way communication with monitoring facilities
  • Ships hull repair by underwater welding and cutting
  • Bridge inspections
  • Underwater scanning/mapping of dam walls
  • Intake Screen repairs and cleaning
  • Sea walls and jetties
  • Underwater inspection and survey of bridges and assessing the extend of damages
  • Construction and repairs of jetties and dams
  • Underwater Welding & cutting
  • Erection of underwater structures
  • Warf Inspection