Advanced NDT Services

Tube Inspection Services Automated Corrosion Mapping PAUT for Boiler Tubes PAUT of Complex Geometry Flage Crevice Corrosion Solution Time of Flight Diffraction Hydrogen Induced Cracking (HIC) HTHA-Hydrogen Attack SRUT - Short Range Ultrasonics 3D MFL Tank Floor Scanning LRUT - Long Range Ultrasonic Testing Computerised Radiography

Advanced NDT Services

Advanced NDT Services encompasses a very large field of techniques and potential applications across a wide variety of Industrial Sectors. Marino Navale primarily utilises this technology in Oil& Gas; Energy-Power Generation and Marine sector.

The group of technologies can be divided into three main categories 1) Ultrasonic Applications and 2) Electromagnetic Applications and Computerised Radiography.

Ultrasonic applications include Phased Array Ultrasonics; Time Of Flight Diffraction (TOFD); Automated Corrosion Mapping (Ambient and High Temperatures up to 400C and AUT which covers High Temperature Hydrogen Attack (HTHA); Hydrogen Induced Cracking (HIC); Long Range Ultrasonics (LRUT); Short range Ultrasonics (SRUT).

Electromagnetic applications include Surface Eddy Current ; Eddy Current array; Tube Inspection techniques (RFT/NFT/MFL/ECT); 3D Floor Scanning.

Often there is a requirement to combine techniques to acquire sufficient data to present comprehensive results.